New Beginning – Aboriginal Peer Educators Workshop Kit

This Hepatitis C Peer Education Workshop Kit developed by Aboriginal injecting drug users for Aboriginal injecting drug users.  The ‘Kit’ contains presenter’s handbook, facilitator’s notes, power point presentation and a range of innovative interactive games and activities.  While the ‘Kit’ has a hepatitis C transmission and prevention focus, it can be adapted to participants needs and includes modules on safer injecting, vein care and hand washing/hygiene.  Ideally the ‘Kit’ will be delivered (as originally intended) by Aboriginal IDU to their injecting peers in a community development and community engagement context.

The Kit was developed by a group of Aboriginal IDU in the Canberra area, it is envisioned that peers will utilise the Kit’s components and adapt to their own injecting context and geographical area.

For more information on the Kit, or to organise a workshop please contact