AIVL Blog Focuses on Nepal

The AIVL Blog has reached out to our peers in Nepal to provide us with a series of posts focussing on the lives of Nepal drug users through their own eyes. The series, which will be featured over the coming weeks will look at different aspects of the lives lived by drug users in Nepal, including the first in the series which will focus on what drug users have done to support their community during and after the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

With such devastation in Nepal, AIVL is in constant contacts with our peers and are currently discussing ways to provide assistance to them. If you’d like to provide assistance to drug users in Nepal, please stay tuned and we will announce what type of assistance they need and how to get it to them as soon as we can.

Please read our Nepal blogs as they are released to show support for our peers in Nepal who are struggling with even basic amenities.

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