Barriers to Hepatitis C Treatment for People with a History of Injecting Drug Use

While AIVL welcomes efforts to increase access to safe, effective and appropriate health services for people with a history of injecting drug use, we are genuinely concerned about what appears to be a disproportionate focus on ‘quantity’ (increasing treatment episodes) rather than ‘quality’ (addressing some of the core reasons why there is a need to set increased treatment targets in the first place).

It is in the interest of exploring and encouraging further discussion on the reasons why many people with a  history of injecting drug use are not accessing hepatitis C treatment and what can be done about this situation, that AIVL developed a new national discussion paper on Hepatitis C Models of Access and Service Delivery for People with a History of Injecting Drug Use. That document has formed the basis for this much briefer paper developed specifically for a discussion on barriers to hepatitis C treatment for one of the main national advisory committees on BBVs & STIs.

This report is now available online (PDF, 477Kb)