C-Through Treatment Diary

A hepatitis C treatment resource which is specifically targeted at hepatitis C positive people who inject drugs and/or are on pharmacotherapies (e.g. methadone.) During all stages of the development of this resource, people who have personal experience of illicit drug use and hepatitis C treatment were consulted.

The diary is not for any particular year; it is designed so that whenever you start treatment, you can start using your diary too. There are full year calendars included for you to use as a reference when you need to fill in months and days.

This ‘personal’ diary is designed to be used during treatment as a tool to monitor and manage your treatment experience and to provide information on what to expect during treatment. You can use your diary to keep track of doctor’s appointments, your test results, when you took your medication, your thoughts and experiences of treatment.

The side effects log at the back of the diary is designed to help you monitor the number and frequency of any side effects you experience.

This resource can be ordered from AIVL by emailing info@aivl.org.au