Contribute to Junkmail

Junkmail, AIVL's national magazine, for users by users, is now independentaly funded and we want to hear from you. We are looking for contributions in the form of artwork, stories, poems or anything you think is relevant to the magazine. Junkmail is your magazine, about issues that interest you, so please send us anything you have, you may see your work in print in Australia's only national magazine for drug users. We pay for published contributions.

If you want to discuss any ideas you have contact;

Sam Liebelt, Junkmail Editor
Ph: +61 2 6279 1600

Please send any items to;

Junkmail Contributions
GPO Box 1552
Canberra ACT 2601
and include your contact details


AIVL reserves the right to choose to publish/not publish contributions submitted.