Hepatitis C Models of Access and Service Delivery for People With a History of Injecting Drug Use

Hep C Models of Access  Service DeliveryAIVL has develop this discussion paper with the aim of improving not only access to hepatitis C  treatment for people with a history of injecting drug use but ensuring comprehensive models of access and service delivery that address hepatitis C in the context of our entire lives.

AIVL believes that people with hepatitis C require models of access and care that are responsive and take into account the many ways that hepatitis C can affect an individual’s health and well being. With 80 – 90% of new infections attributable to injecting drug use, these

This report is now available online (PDF 803Kb)

Download a briefer paper developed specifically for a discussion on barriers to hepatitis C treatment for one of the main national advisory committees on BBVs & STIs. This shorter paper is entitled Barriers to Hepatitis C Treatment for People with a History of Injecting Drug Use (PDF, 477Kb)