Hepatitis C Watch & Listen

Hand Washing & Hepatitis C

AIVL has expanded on it’s handwashing campiagn “A Fist Full of Saop” with this web movie explaining the importance of washing your hands before and after every shot, and how to do this in a variety of different ways depending on your circumstances.

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Hepatitis C Treatment Experience

This podcast is an interview with an IDU who has recently undergone hepatitis C treatment – it contains a discussion and tips on support networks, side effects and the overall experience. If you’re considering hep C treatment we hope you’ll find the story useful.


Injecting Drug Use and Hep C in Indigenous Communities (Video/DVD/CD Rom)

Blood Relations

As a peer based organisation, AIVL supports Aboriginal injecting drug users to educate their peers about staying safe.

Developed in partnership with Derbarl Yerrigan and the West Australian Substance Users Association (WASUA) this video is a way of getting critical health information about blood awareness to the injecting community.

You can stream the video online here.





It’s a Viral Life

Welcome to It’s a Viral Life – a training resource for people who are working with those affected by hepatitis C. These stories have been written by people living with hepatitis C and they relate their experiences in their own words. Too many people living with hepatitis C experience discrimination every day. Being a drug user and living with hepatitis C is a bit of a double whammy! Not only are you judged for being a person who injects, but you are also judged for living with a blood borne virus.

The C-Change Report of the Enquiry into Hepatitis C Related Discrimination (2001 Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales) showed that, “Health care settings are the most frequently reported context for hepatitis C related discrimination.”

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