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Handy Hints – A Drug Users Bible


Handy Hints contains information on injecting, sex, harm reduction and blood borne virus prevention and treatment (including methadone and buprenorphine programs). The back of this resource contains sections on drug laws and relevant services for every State & Territory of Australia.

Handy Hints, as one of AIVL’s longest standing resources, originally printed in 1990 and updated in 2010. It is a necessity for all injecting drug users.

Handy Hints is now available online (PDF, 3.8Mb)



 Something Is Going To Get


This report presents the results of a consultation process with Indigenous IDUs conducted by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) and the Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL). In response to evidence of an increase in HIV diagnoses attributed to injecting drug use in Indigenous communities, the project aimed to explore Indigenous experiences of injecting drug use and related issues, to inform the development of a national campaign to address injecting drug use in Indigenous communities.

This report is now available online (PDF, 61 Kb).

AIVL National HIV Prevention Education Project











The number of new HIV infections attributed to injecting drug use has increased among some groups of IDU in Australia over recent years. Once it reaches a certain level in the IDU community it spreads like wildfire. We need to re-examine what we do when we we’re injecting and create better barriers if we want to prevent HIV from being transmitted.

For the above reasons AIVL embarked on producing a simple yet effective means of  educating IDU’s to better protect themselves and their peers from HIV infection. This was done in the form of a postcard with a pull-out centre to emphasise many IDU’s have forgotten about HIV in recent years.


Really Positive Series

The Really Positive Series of booklets provides information for injecting drug users on viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV.

Number 1 in the series, Testing and Diagnosis – hepatitis C and HIV, provides information for injecting drug users who are considering getting tested for hepatitis C or HIV. Now available online (PDF, 2.2 Mb)

Number 2, Staying healthy with hepatitis C, focuses on issues relating to hepatitis C and injecting drug use such that those of us with the virus can live healthily. Now available online (PDF, 2.5 Mb)

In the same vain is Number 3, Staying healthy with HIV, which looks at similar issues but for those of us with HIV. Now available online (PDF, 2.1 Mb)

Number 4, Co-infection and drug interactions, looks at issues affecting those of us who have both hepatitis C and HIV and also looks at interactions between illicit drugs and treatments for hepatitis C and HIV. Now available online (PDF, 2Mb)

Number 5, Discrimination, Privacy and Confidentiality, looks at the various issues affecting injecting drug users including those with hepatitis C and/or HIV. Now available online (PDF, 2.4Mb)

Finishing off the series is number 6, Planning ahead, which provides information for planning for the future for people with hepatitis C and/or HIV. Now available online (PDF, 2.2Mb)