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Why Wouldn’t I Discriminate Against all of Them? – A Report on Stigma and Discrimination Towards the injecting Drug User Community follows on from AIVL’s Market Research Report into stigma and discrimination  towards injecting drug users AIVL sort to further explore a range of questions from the perspective of people who inject drugs, to ask how current attitudes towards our community have developed over time and left us in a situation where we are almost universally categorised as social pariahs whose lives are of no value.

We felt we needed to ‘look back’ and try to pinpoint the origins of many of these views before we could make any meaningful effort to look forward’ and begin the process of challenging and changing the tired narratives that dominates injecting drug users’ lives.  This report outlines these origins and includes recommendations to guide action for all who seek to make a difference by encourageing genuine change.

This Report is now available online (PDF, 2.3 MB)


Handy Hints contains information on injecting, sex, harm reduction and blood borne virus prevention and treatment (including methadone and buprenorphine programs). The back of this resource contains sections on drug laws and relevant services for every State & Territory of Australia.

Handy Hints, as one of AIVL’s longest standing resources, originally printed in 1990 and updated in 2010. It is a necessity for all injecting drug users.

Handy Hints is now available online (PDF, 3.8Mb)




Inside Out is a diary developed with the assistance of recently released prisoners, the majority of who  had hepatitis C and were injectors. It contains information on hepatitis C, HIV, safer injecting, overdose information and much more.

It also seconds as a diary to assist recently released prisoners with planning and contains space for people to record appointments, personal information, important contacts and other relevant information.

Inside Out is now available online (PDF, 5Mb)