AIVL Announces Online Presence

AIVL Announces Online Presence


The Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League, (AIVL) the national peak organisation representing illicit drug users announced today the launch of their new website –

Annie Madden, AIVL Executive Officer said “this is a great achievement for AIVL and a major milestone for the illicit drug users’ movement in Australia. AIVL is the only national organisation that is run by and for users and the AIVL website is providing us with a way to let many more illicit drug users know that we exist.”

AIVL currently operates a National Hepatitis C Education Program and a National Policy Program from its office in Canberra. “The new website provides us with the opportunity to showcase our work and ensure that as many current drug users as possible are getting access to our education resources and hearing about our policy and advocacy initiatives” added Ms Madden.

Like many small community based organisations AIVL intends to continue building and developing the site over the next twelve months but encourages illicit drug users, service providers, researchers and other interested parties to explore the amazing array of information, resources, submissions and interactive forums that are available on the current site.

Ms. Madden concluded by saying, “We are extremely excited to be able to launch this site today. Illicit drug users experience a great deal of discrimination in the community and are often stereotyped as irresponsible people who are not interested in making positive contributions to the community. is not only a credit to AIVL as an organisation but is also a concrete example of the positive contribution that drug users can make if they are supported and encouraged to do so.”