AIVL Launches Wizz Wize

 AIVL Launches Wizz Wize

On Monday October 8th 2007 the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) launched its new web site targeting people who use amphetamine type substances called ‘Wizz Wize’.

Aimed at making a positive contribution to the health and well being of people who use amphetamines and similar drugs, provides an array of credible and accessible information.

The timeliness of this launch cannot be underestimated, particularly with the use of amphetamine substances on the rise: “Meth/amphetamine is the most widely used illicit drug after cannabis, with an estimated 9.1% of the population having used it. Use is particularly common among young adults aged 20-29, with one-in-five (21.1%) have used meth/amphetamine in their lifetime, and 10.7% have taken the drug recently….The large proportions of meth/amphetamine users who inject the drug places this group at risk of blood borne infections through needle sharing. Meth/amphetamine users are as likely as opioid users to share injection equipment.”

Wizz Wize has been designed by and for people who use illicit drugs with the aim of sharing information, knowledge and experiences. Developed through a consultative process and drawing on the expertise of leading researchers and people who use illicit drugs, presents relevant and up-to-date information on issues aimed at reducing the risk of blood borne virus transmission particularly hepatitis C and drug use related harm. Particularly pertinent with recent research showing up to 50% of new initiates contracting hepatitis C within 6 months of the up-take of injecting.

As one user who focus tested the site commented: “I wish I had’ve had access to this type of info before I started using. I wouldn’t have Hep now”

In addition, provides information on alternative to injecting and protective tips and information for managing ‘coming down’ and for those users who may experience adverse drug reactions.

Accessible through both the main AIVL’s site or directly, AIVL is keen for Wizz Wize to be maintained as a relevant, informative and contemporary site and encourage you to visit and let us know your views.