Narcos Episode Three – “The Men of Always”

At the end of the last episode (“The Sword of Simón Bolivar”) Steve and his wife found a nasty welcoming gift from Pablo Escobar in the form of their dead cat; murdered and nailed to their front door. Following on this episode begins with Steve and Javier investigating the cat’s murder. An act that the DEA takes very seriously. Javier speculates that the Narcos were tipped off to Steve’s presence by airport staff on the take for Escobar when Steve was held up at customs. Now they just had too prove Escobar was behind it. With some smacking about and general threats, add in some standard procedure, the two airport workers give the name of the man they sent his passport to, “Poison.”

Narcos Ep 3 Screenshot 2Pablo despite the continued objections from Gustavo, his family and even his mistress/political advisor Valeria “Stephanie Sigman” who warns him of the attention and dangers that would come from his continued meddling in politics. But pie in the sky, head in the clouds Pablo doesn’t listen. Instead he buys his way into the New Liberals party as a candidate for congress running as their alternate to avoid too much suspicion. Pablo campaigned on the issues of the poor, the weak and the oppressed, condemning “The Men of Always“; the rich and powerful families who had always controlled Colombia. And the people loved him. He gave away money, helped the poor, built hospitals, a self-made man, to them: “Pablo Escobar was the living embodiment of the Colombian Dream.” “It was the first time the alternate was more important than the main candidate.”

Narcos Ep 3 Screenshot 3

Pablo’s family and assorted lovers aren’t the only ones worried about his actions. Gatcha, the Ochoas and the rest of the Narcos are increasingly worried about the attention that Pablo is causing with his politics. Gatcha speculates that Pablo plans to use the political immunity he would get and leave them to clean up the mess. Settling on a “wait and see” approach. Gustavo decides to quit running Pablo’s labs and leaves after Pablo refuses to give up on politics, so Pablo replaces him with Carlos Slater a neo-Nazi who had previously worked for him smuggling cocaine in his plane to Miami.

Narcos Ep 3 Screenshot 4Steve and Javier attempt to capture Poison but fail after he receives a tip off. Though when it becomes clear that Pablo Escobar is on the verge of reaching congress Poison drops off their radar. The pair scramble to find any info on Escobar but struggle when everyone who might know something winds up dead. Eventually figuring the man giving them their info was be working both sides they try to find someone who could give them the evidence needed to prove that Pablo is a drug dealer without their informants help. Discovering Pablo was once arrested and had his mugshot taken. they track down the man who had taken his mugshot. Now they had proof.

Narcos Ep 3 Screenshot 5

Pablo is young and a dreamer. He dreams of power. Glory. Wealth. Love. Salvation. 28 years old and one of the richest most powerful men alive he thought he could do anything. He dreamed of climbing the ladder of politics to become President of Colombia and saving his country. “There’s a reason magical realism was born in Colombia… But even magical realism has it’s limits.”

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The Men of Always sees Pablo’s political aspirations at a seeming end when after reaching congress he is unmasked before everyone. Though the kingpin refuses to go down without a fight, denying the accusations thrown at him as lies and slander. While one step closer to catching Escobar after exposing him to the public Murphy begins to feel the weight of the “war” waged between the DEA and the Narcos when innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Overall Narcos keeps on delivering a dark and intriguing look into it’s world, though the script and actors remain superb I would note that the episode isn’t quite as visually stylish as the two previous episodes directed by “José Padilha”. Narcos’ unbelievable real life story of Pablo Escobar keeps escalating with Agents Murphy and Pena finally hitting the man where it hurts but not without collateral damage.

Almost Great – 7.6

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