NSP Directory

Search locations
Most browsers & mobile devices now allow you to nominate whether or not to ‘allow’ or ‘deny’ a ‘location tracking’ option. With the NSP Directory this will determine the nature of the initial map displayed, with an Australia-wide map displayed if you ‘deny’ such tracking & (generally) a quite defined locality map if ‘allowed’.
The ‘search locations’ function operates best with a ‘less is more’ approach, meaning that entry of ANY part of a ‘Centre name’ or ‘Address’ etc., will locate ALL records including that partial text. For example typing “health” into the ‘Address’ form field will bring up results including ALL outlets across Australia that include “Health” in their address. The ‘Google Map’ may be used as a stand-alone search facility. Simply scroll across the map & zoom in or out; as you do so outlets will be highlighted on the map itself according to the location shown within the map frame. A listing will also appear beneath the map frame.
The ‘pins’ or ‘flags’ shown on the map indicate both the location and type of outlet according to the coloured key above the map. Please note that where the pin doesn’t match a key colour and includes a number this shows that at that map scale the indicated number of outlets appear within that locality. Zoom in to see more detail of outlet location and type.
Enter a centre name, address, postcode, suburb or state and click the search locations button.