Global Influence

The following section contains an brief overview of the important contributions which AIVL, AIVL staff and members makes on the international stage, including representation, advocacy, policy development, training, development and community mobilisation to name just a few. This work covers all the topic areas AIVL works on locally including drug policy, blood borne viruses, drug user organising, peer empowerment and much more. It also includes links to crucial international documents and policies which AIVL believe need highlighting. If you believe there is something else which is not listed please contact us at





  • International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) – AIVL has supported the development of INPUD in many ways, and continues to support the global network. AIVL worked with INPUD to develop its guidance documents and processes. An AIVL staff member, Jude Byrne, has been the serving INPUD Chair from 2010 until 2014. Though her position with INPUD is not as a representative of AIVL, AIVL has supported her to manage her voluntary work with INPUD. AIVL is also involved in INPUD activities, policy responses, and committees, using the experience gained from our many years working in Australia and Asia to advise this new network of PUD from around the world.


  • Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) – AIVL has been an essential and early supporter of ANPUD from participation in meetings where the idea was first raised, to providing funding for the first regional meeting of ANPUD, and the first Regional Coordinator and associated costs for holding an office after its formation. After ANPUD received AIVL funding, other international donors were willing to provide the additional funding for the network that allowed it to grow. AIVL continues to support ANPUD to include more participants from countries who would otherwise not be able to participate in ANPUD meetings and international events. ANPUD has also been supported to develop its processes and documents such as position statements and guidance documents for the organisation. AIVL and ANPUD often work in partnership to advocate for PUD in Asia. The relationship is strengthened by the range of ANPUD members from around the region with experience in a range of issues who AIVL and ANPUD can point to when other organisations are looking for information and representation from the PUD networks.


  • Nothing About Us Without Us’ – ‘Nothing about us without us’ and it’s Manifesto is the guiding document and statement relating to the meaningful involvement of people who use drugs (MIPUD) in everything that relates to people who use drugs. AIVL was consulted in the development of this document, and is recognised as an organisation that has provided strong leadership in the global development of drug user organisations. ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ is also used as a statement of inclusion among many different communities of people who face oppression and discrimination including sex workers and people living with disabilities.


  • Global Commission on HIV and the Law – Annie Madden, the Executive Officer of AIVL and a drug user activist of many years standing, is a member of the Technical Advisory Group of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law. She is the only representative drug user advocate on the Technical Advisory Group.


  • United Nations General Assembly – High Level Review of HIV/AIDS – Annie Madden, AIVL Executive Officer, has twice been a member of the Australian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly High Level Review of HIV/AIDS. The first time Annie was on the delegation, she was the first ever drug user advocate to participate in a country delegation in this area. She was also the second.



  • Regular participation in international working groups and committees concerning issues of significance for PUD around the world. These include – AIDS2014 Sub-Committees, Harm Reduction International working groups, human rights and drug use committees, drug policy working groups, United Nations advisory councils, etc.


  • AIDS2014 – The International Conference on AIDS 2014, held in Melbourne in July 2014, was notable for a lack of engagement with people who use drugs and our organisations. After ongoing advocacy, AIVL and other drug user representatives were finally involved in sub-committees, the harm reduction working group, and the development of a Women and Drug Use symposium and a panel about Hepatitis C. AIVL also worked with INPUD, ANPUD, Harm Reduction Victoria and the New Zealand Exchange Trust to have an International Drug User Networking Space, a local drug user information booth, work with the OST prescribing doctor in providing the appropriate medical care for PUD participants, run the NSP for the conference, hold several key debates, presentations and discussions, and support the participation of several people from drug user organisations around the world. AIVL was instrumental in developing a film We Are Drug Users – Voices From The Global Movement of People who Use Drugs! celebrating the importance and contribution of drug user networks around the world. The film was launched during the conference, at a major event by and for drug users, with major stakeholders from around the world attending and an introduction by Sir Richard Branson.