Policy Library

AIVL’s Policy Library contains a number of different types of documents, ranging from Internal Policy documents such as Delegate Selection Criteria and Drug Use in the Workplace to Submissions on issues such as Retractable Syringes and other issues around injecting drug use for its National Office and for its Member Organisations.

Policy Documents

  • Delegate Selection Policy – AIVL’s guidelines for the selection of State/Territory delegates to the AIVL Annual General Meeting.
  • Drug Use in the Work Place – AIVL’s policy document with regard to Drug Use in the Work Place.
  • Elist Policy – AIVL’s policy document for our internal electronic mailing list.
  • Exec Elist – AIVL’s policy document for our Executive internal electronic mailing list.
  • Travel Policy – AIVL’s policy document relating to travel for Staff, Delegate and Executive.

Opinion Pieces

  • Discrimination Against Drug Users: A paper presented by Annie Madden for the Forum to Discuss Proposed Government Changes to Discrimination Laws as organised by AIVL’s Victorian Member Organisation, VIVAIDS Now available online (PDF, 25 kb).
  • ANEX Newsletter – An opinion piece by Annie Madden for the newsletter for ANEX Now available online (PDF, 13 kb).