Femoral Injecting

This resource has been produced by some older intravenous drug users (IDUs) who, having compromised the usual injecting sites, now inject into the femoral vein.

We recognise that many IDUs continue to use as they grow older, but unfortunately easily accessible injecting sites often become unusable and viable sites become more difficult to locate. Usually, as a last resort, committed IDUs will try to locate one of the larger, deeper veins, especially when injecting large volumes such as methadone.

Unfortunately, some of us had no alternative but to ‘hit and miss’ as we attempted to find veins that we couldn’t see, but knew were there. This was often painful, frustrating, costly and, in some cases, resulted in permanent injuries.

Download Femoral Injecting – A Guide to Injecting in The Groin Using The Femoral Vein (PDF, 382KB)