1. Talk to others – about the diverse lives and experiences of drug users and challenge stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes when they are expressed.
  2. Expose the lies of prohibition – make sure everyone knows that the current war on drugs is really a war on drug users that has cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars to enforce.
  3. Write to newspapers and call radio stations – start to demand a system of legal regulation for all drugs as a way to stop the needless death, disease, criminalisation and violence caused by the current prohibitionist approach.
  4. Speak out – don’t choose to remain silent when people treat drug users and those in drug treatment as second class citizens and express discriminatory views.
  5. Report – organisations, services and companies who violate the basic human rights of people who use illicit drugs through their actions and words by emailing info@aivl.org.au and alerting AIVL to the need to monitor and educate these groups.
  6. Sign up to AIVL’s online petitions on issues to promote the health and human rights of drug users and people in drug treatment.
  7. Get informed – know your facts about illicit drugs, the human and economic costs of prohibition, the issues that affect drug users and those in drug treatment, humane alternatives to the current approach, the latest illicit drugs related research, etc.
  8. Join or support your local drug user organisation – support people who use illicit drugs and those in drug treatment to organise and speak on their own behalf – find state and territory drug user organisations at member organisations
  9. Advocate for change – write to and meet with your local and federal members of parliament and let them know that you want the current approach to illicit drugs to change – don’t be put off by initial knockbacks and let them know that you are a voter – get tips on lobbying parliamentarians at www.aivl.org.au/
  10. Spread the word and motivate others – send this list of ‘10 Ways to Promote Users Rights’ to ten of your friends, write about the need for drug law reform and post it on blogs, make a YouTube movie or write about the need for change on your Facebook page, challenge stigma and discrimination against drug users everyday through your thoughts and actions.

Downlaod 10 Ways to Promote Drug Users Rights (PDF, 98 Kb)