Aboriginal Hepatitis C Discussion Panel – Hepatitis Awareness Week 2009

Every year during National Hepatitis Awareness week AIVL picks an issue that we believe needs highlighting in the IDU/HCV area, in 2008 we held a forum on NSPs/HCV in prisons. This year we are looking to hold a national forum focusing on the unacceptable high rates of HCV in the Aboriginal community.

Hepatitis C rates among all people with a history of injecting drug use are extremely high 80% of all current infection and 90% of all new infection. The level among Indigenous IDU is disproportionally and unacceptably high. Again Indigenous people appear to be bearing the brunt of this epidemic. What is the reason for this? Do we have any answers? AIVL and it’s Indigenous program plays a crucial role in working with government, community organisations and the affected communities in working towards reducing the incidence of hepatitis C and providing information and support for those who have hepatitis C.

World Hepatitis Day and National Hepatitis Awareness Week provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the issue of blood-borne viruses in the indigenous community.

View the video stream from the forum here.

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