Book an AIVL training workshop

AIVL and its member organisations offer a range of training workshops and information sessions for organisations, services and groups including:

  • Peer Education
  • Providing Services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Who Inject Drugs
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis C & Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Who Inject Drugs
  • Legal Issues and Human Rights for People Who Inject Drugs
  • Discrimination and People Who Inject Drugs
  • Consumer Participation in Drug Treatment Settings
  • Hand Washing & Blood Borne Virus Prevention
  • Understanding Suboxone
  • Injecting Pills and Filtering
  • Issues for Older Injecting Opioid Users
  • Peer-based Needle & Syringe Programs
  • Needle Exchange Programs in Prisons
  • Improving Access to Opioid Phamracotherapies
  • Employing Peers in Non-Peer Environments

If you are interested in booking a training workshop or information session on any of the above topics or would like AIVL or one of its members to tailor a session for your organisation or group please contact: