Tell Us About Your Experiences Of Discrimination – Short Survey


Online Survey – Report Your Experiences of Discrimination

AIVL is collecting information on drug users’ experiences of stigma and discrimination (how drug users are discriminated against and who is discriminating against them). The information you give us will be used to provide us more information about what’s happening to people, and to help try and change negative attitudes towards drug users. AIVL also hopes to provide the results of all the feedback we receive back to you on our website.

In the survey below you can leave anonymous information about your experiences – while none of the details you leave with us will be directly followed up, nor can we identify names or places, we can get a better idea of the types of services that are discriminating against people and how this has impacted you.

You can comment on things like where the discrimination took place (i.e. by a pharmacy, you’re prescriber, Government service e.g. housing or Centrelink), why you think you were discriminated against (i.e. having a history of injecting drug use, because you have hep C), and what effect this had on you – what happened as a result of the discrimination i.e. were you refused service?

PLEASE take a couple of minutes; tick a few boxes and tell us what you think – your feedback could help us change the stigma and discrimination we experience!