Drug Law Reform

Drug Law Reform has recently been brought back into the spotlight with well publicised visits from prominent US Law reform proponents Norm Stamper (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – LEAP) and Ethan Nadelman (Drug Policy Alliance) during 2010 and 2011. While the media has been reporting heavily on this issue from both sides, any one working in the AOD sector would have to agree that the “war on drugs (users)” has been a dismal failure and we need to start pushing the politicians to begin the process of  drug law reform in Australia.

More recently with the release in April 2012 of the Australia 21 report “The Prohibition of Illicit Drugs is Killing and Criminalising Our Children and we are Letting it Happen” has brought the idea of drug law reform and decriminalisation of Illicit drugs full pelt onto the front page of papers and as headline stories on major radio stations. This momentum has continued with the second report released by Australia21″Alternatives to Prohibition: Illicit drugs: How we can stop killing and criminalising young Australians“.

Below is a collection of video clips, media articles, reports, publications and other links focusing on drug law reform both nationally and internationally. The first section has a collection of AIVL policy Papers on this topic, and then the following is in direct response to the Australia 21 reports, with the remaining a more broader coverage of all drug law refrom media articles.

AIVL Policy Papers

Drug Law Reform Media 

Newsnight BBC – Drug Policy – Dec 2012 (with Eliot Albers of INPUD)

Big Idea 2013: This Year, the War on Drugs Ends

Debate “All drugs should be legalised”  – IQ2

6 PM with George Negus – Call for drugs to be decriminalised

Ten News Clip – Drug Debate

Ethan Nadelman Related Media