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AIVL produces a range of resources to better enable drug users to educate themselves and their peers about the myriad of issues with regard to injecting and other illicit drug use. A short description of each resource currently available can be found below. Our resource catalogue (2,744 Kb) contains more information – as well as costs – for the range of our resources. You can then use our resource order form (101 Kb) to order the resources appropriate to your needs.

Individuals can obtain copies of these resources from their local drug user organisation. Organisations can order AIVL Resources by contacting the AIVL Office on 02 6279 1600.

Femoral Injecting:

A Guide To Injecting In The Groin Using The Femoral Vein (PDF, 1,063 Kb)

Framework for Peer Education

Peer education is fundamental to the work of drug-user organisations in Australia. It is one of the things they are well-placed — and eminently qualified — to do. Yet even a cursory review of the discussion on this subject, and the reports describing peer education projects, reveals a lack of consensus about the philosophical principles that underscore our practice, which has in turn set the stage for some passionate argument about what peer education by drug-user organisations looks like, or more to point, should look like. The lack of common ground has been at once been a strength and weakness of our practice. It has led to a considerable amount of innovation — and also a great deal of invention, particularly around the operational and administrative aspects of our work.

This document attempts to find a consensus among the views that have been expressed about the theory of our practice and highlight some practical considerations for the development of peer education programs.

This document is now available (PDF, 217 Kb).

Really Positive SeriesThe Really Positive Series

The Really Positive Series of booklets provides information for injecting drug users on viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV.

Number 1 in the series, Testing and Diagnosis – hepatitis C and HIV, provides information for injecting drug users who are considering getting tested for hepatitis C or HIV.

Number 2, Staying healthy with hepatitis C, focuses on issues relating to hepatitis C and injecting drug use such that those of us with the virus can live healthily.

In the same vain is Number 3, Staying healthy with HIV, which looks at similar issues but for those of us with HIV.

Number 4, Co-infection and drug interactions, looks at issues affecting those of us who have both hepatitis C and HIV and also looks at interactions between illicit drugs and treatments for hepatitis C and HIV.

Number 5, Discrimination, Privacy and Confidentiality, looks at the various issues affecting injecting drug users including those with hepatitis C and/or HIV.

Finishing off the series is number 6, Planning ahead, which provides information for planning for the future for people with hepatitis C and/or HIV.


Handy HintsHandy Hints

Handy Hints contains information on injecting, sex, harm reduction and blood borne virus prevention, treatment and care. The back of this resource contains sections on drug laws in every State & Territory of Australia.

Handy Hints, as one of AIVL’s longest standing resources, is a necessity for all injecting drug users.


Lock Stock & Dirty Barrels Lock Stock & Dirty Barrels

This resource is a pocket-sized comic on the safe disposal of used injecting equipment.

To encourage people to read information about safe disposal, AIVL decided to incorporate the harm reduction messages into the story line of the comic. This resource addresses some of the common myths & misconceptions about safe disposal.


Blood RelationsBlood Relations: Injecting Drug Use and Hep C in Indigenous Communities (Video)

As a peer based organisation, AIVL supports Aboriginal injecting drug users to educate their peers about staying safe.

Developed in partnership with Derbarl Yerrigan and the West Australia Substance Users Association (WASUA) this video is a way of getting critical health information about blood awareness to the injecting community.

This video comes with 25 copies each of Safer Injecting and When There’s No Other Way… Cleaning Fits.


Safer Injecting Safer Injecting

AIVL’s guide to safer injecting explains in a clear, step-by-step manner the various steps to follow in order to ensure that blood borne virus transmission does not occur during the injecting process.


Cleaning Fits : when there is no other optionCleaning Fits

AIVL’s guide to cleaning fits – when there is no other option – explains in a clear, step-by-step manner the various steps to follow in order to ensure that injecting equipment is as clean as possible before re-use.


Convenience Advertising Convenience Advertising

This series of resources, primarily focussed on transmission of hepatitis C, was displayed in appropriate venues across Australia.

As well as Hitting up in a toilet? and Hitting in up in a car? other promotions in the campaign contain take-away cards with contacts for local drug user organisations, including information on blood awareness and safe injecting.


Liver FirstLiver First

Liver First is a comprehensive guide to your liver. It contains information on how your liver works, how it is affected by viruses, alcohol and other drugs as well as information on how to better equip yourself to look after you liver.


HEPack – Health Rights for Drug Users HEPack - Health Rights for Drug Users

HEPack – Health Rights for Drug Users provides drug users with information on how to ensure that they know what their health rights are as well as information on how to make a successful complaint should you be discriminated against because you are a drug user.


Getting Smart on the InsideGetting Smart on the Inside

Getting Smart on the Inside is a resource for prisoners focussing on looking after yourself while you are in prison, including information on cleaning injecting equipment, a diary and information on what to do when you are released from prison.



Are you injecting? Watch out for blood! Watch out for Blood

Are you injecting? Watch out for blood! is a resource aimed at injecting drug users who have low literacy levels.

It explains, in a clear manner using many graphics, ways to avoid transmission of blood borne viruses during the injecting process.



Subutex - A Guide to TreatmentSubutex – A Guide to Treatment

Subutex – A Guide to Treatment provides information for people with opioid dependencies on Subutex (drug name Buprenorphine) including its uses, information on who it works best for as well as contact details for further information on this pharmacotherapy.