Hand Washing

AIVL has expanded on its “Hand Washing Campaign” with this new web movie explaining the importance of washing your hands before and after every shot, and how to do this in a variety of different ways depending on your circumstances.

Background research and subsequent focus testing with users has found that most take time to do things before they have a shot – for instance; going to the NSP, finding a secure place to use or putting the kids to bed.  Research also found that they are interested in hygiene, avoiding dirty hits etc – even if hep C is not necessarily a priority: it’s the old adage ‘if I can’t see it, it won’t hurt me’.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage hand washing before injecting oneself or others, and to consider alternatives to soap and water when these are not available. The campaign kit contains a number of resources, and includes visual and interactive exercises showing users how easily bacteria and hep C can potentially be transmitted. It also shows users how simply and quickly they can be avoided.

These resources are now available for download.

Fact Sheets:
Endocarditis (PDF, 780 Kb)
Hygiene Do’s & Don’ts (PDF, 709 Kb)
Soap and Handwashing (PDF, 1Mb)
Sources of Infection (PDF, 661 Kb)

Zed Card:
– Side 1 (PDF, 878 Kb)
– Side 2 (PDF, 3,282 Kb)

Other Resources:
– Poster (PDF, 41 Kb)
– Hand Washing Map (PDF, 110 Kb)
– Exercise Guidelines (PDF, 32 Kb)