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C-Through Hepatitis C Treatment Diary
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Hep C Treatment Fact Sheets;
Making Hepatitis C Treatments Decisions  (PDF, 80 Kb)
Hepatitis C Treatment Access Criteria  (PDF, 54  Kb)
Is Hepatitis C Treatment Really a Cure?  (PDF, 49 Kb)
Women and Hepatitis C Treatment  (PDF, 59 Kb)
Hepatitis C Treatments and Menopause  (PDF, 44 Kb)
Beating Hepatitis C – A Personal Story  (PDF, 61 Kb)
Asking Your Doctor About Hepatitis C Treatments  (PDF, 48 Kb)
Co-infection – Hepatitis C and HIV  (PDF, 53 Kb)
Genotypes and Hepatitis C Treatment  (PDF, 52 Kb)
Hepatitis C Transmission  (PDF, 46 Kb)
Hepatitis C Treatment Clinicians  (PDF, 45 Kb)
Hepatitis C Treatment Options in Custodial Settings  (PDF, 53 Kb)
Family and Friends – How to Help  (PDF, 47 Kb)
Hepatitis C Treatment and Methadone or Buprenorphine  (PDF, 65 Kb)
Glossary of Common terms used in Hepatitis and Hepatitis C Treatments (PDF, 146 Kb)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 87 Kb)