International Remembrance Day 2013

International Remembrance Day held on the 21st July was originally founded 16 years ago by parents and other supporters in Germany who were calling for more liberal drug policies and critical harm reduction services such as heroin prescription and opioid substitution treatment.  In 2013, drug user organisations, family and parent groups from many countries organise events together usually with the overall motto of ending the harm from the ‘war on drugs’ and remembering loved ones.  

The main national event in Australia will be held on 22nd of July in Kings Cross with the unvieling of a memorial tree to remember those who have passed from drug related issues including overdose, HIV and viral hepatitis. Other events are occuring across australia, and over 70 cities world wide willl be acknowledgeing this day and calling for an end to the war on drugs and punitive drug policies.

This page is in memory of all those who are no longer with us and contains a variety of reports, media articles, videos and opinions relating to the failed prohibitonist policies and war on drug users.