Online Notification Form for Discriminatory Action

AIVL is collecting information on drug users’ experience of stigma and discrimination; how drug users are discriminated against and who is discriminating against them. The information will be used in a larger campaign that will look at trying to change attitudes toward drug users.

Watch the Know Your Rights Video.

If you wish to make a formal complaint or get more information please go here.


Thank you, we appreciate your input and be assured that this is a confidential survey.

If you need any further information about this section of the AIVL website,  or the discrimination survey please contact or call (02) 6279 1600.

Disclaimer: We cannot take individual complaints using personal details, and for this reason we ask you not to include your own or anyone else’s personal or identifying information. The individual information provided in this questionnaire cannot be followed up, actioned, or pursued by AIVL in any way, however, AIVL will utilise the findings to assist us to address patterns of discrimination towards people who inject drugs and help with guiding us in our future work.