Prison Needle & Syringe Program

With regards to Prison Needle & Syringe Programs (NSP) it is AIVL's aim to shift the debate about NSPs in prisons away from a debate about ‘whether’ we should have a Prison NSP programs to ‘how’ we should implement them. We acknowledge that achieving our aims and objectives in this area of our work will take time.

To succeed in being able to trial a Prison NSP program in just one prison in Australia we will require unprecedented support from all relevant stakeholders, including the wider community. AIVL has no illusions about the enormity of this task and remains absolutely committed to doing everything in its power to address this health and human rights injustice for people in prison.

Recently there has been alot of media attention and lobbying about the possibility of trialling a Prison NSP program in the recently opened Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) in the ACT.  Following is a sample of media articles, position papers and the like focussing on prison NSP's in Australia and Internationally.