Retractable Syringe Use In Australia – Survey

Retractable Needles and Syringes have previously been investigated for use within injecting drug user populations in Australia. Although in theory they seem a good idea to reduce needle stick injury and re-use, in practice there are concerns the fail to provide the safe guards we would expect from such a product. For this reason, several key players with-in the Harm Reduction workforce have come together to try and gather accurate and useful information on what is happening in the real world, where these retractable Needles and Syringes are being given out for use by injecting drug users.

If you have ever used a retractable needle and Syringe, and have a couple minutes spare we would appreciate you filling out this short survey and assisting us to gather accurate information to assist us to better address the needs of injecting drug users.

Any information you provide will be anonymous, and all unidentified information will be stored on a password protected computer.

For further information please check out the Retractable Needle and Syringes section of our website here

Retractable Syringe Use In Australia – Survey


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