Sex, Drugs & BBVs – Who is AIVL?

The Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) is a national body representing drug users through state and territory based Drug User Organisations.

We seek to provide accurate information to drug users to help them reduce risks and make safer drug using choices. AIVL neither promotes nor condones the use of illicit drugs. The aim of this website is to increase awareness of the risks Associated with BBV’s, STI’s and Drug use among young people. Nothing on this website should be taken as recommending drug use.

AIVL has a “peer based approach” which means we understand drug use and drug user issues from personal experience and we approach health issues for drug users and those who may use drugs in the future, without fear or discrimination. AIVL produced the “National Statement on Ethical Issues for Research Involving Injecting/Illicit Drug Users”to encourage meaningful work with drug users and reduce harms.

For more information about AIVL, checkout the AIVL website.