Thinking About Treatment

There comes a time when many of us either notice changes in our health or are told as a result of a blood test that our livers are having trouble coping while fighting the hep C virus. This section has information on the tests you will need to have, what those tests mean and how to get through that process as painlessly as possible.  We will also discuss what drugs/treatments are on offer at the moment for different hep C genotypes. There are many factors that need to be taken into account before beginning treatment.

This section will help you make sure that you have considered the issues that may impact on how you experience your treatment. The more prepared you are the easier it should be to handle. Try not to get sucked into reading other peoples treatment stories as everyone experiences treatment differently. Find out what you need to know in terms of the drugs and their possible side effects but don’t dwell and ponder every possibility- watch Drug Store Cowboy or Pulp Fiction instead.