What Can You Use This Site For?

This anti-discrimination website has been created by drug users, for drug users.

We deserve the same human rights as anyone else, and more importantly we DO have a right to have our say and speak up when we feel we have experienced discrimination.

The issue of discrimination is an important issue for people who inject and use illicit drugs. It can be really obvious in some cases, or subtle and hard to argue against (harder to prove) at other times.  The level of discrimination we experience can be influenced by many factors (i.e. how many people know about our current or past injecting drug use, or know about our hepatitis status), discrimination and stigma impacts our lives in many ways – often making us feel like we’re not part of ‘normal’ society and not equal to others who don’t inject or have hepatitis C.

People who inject drugs (PWID) and people with hepatitis C (hep C) are frequently more discriminated against than other members of the general community, and are often unaware of where they can go to make complaints; or that they even have the right to make complaints.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you have been discriminated against or not; while in many circumstances It’s illegal to discriminate against someone who has (or is thought to have) hepatitis or HIV, it’s not so clear cut when it comes to injecting drug use and people on drug treatments.

There are different sections of this website where you can access information such as: information on discrimination and stigma, what your basic human rights are, tips for writing complaints, how to know if you can make a complaint legally, and who to contact if you think you have the grounds to make a complaint.

We want your Feedback –  

As well as accessing the information above, people can also leave anonymous feedback for us on discrimination they have experienced. We have a short feedback form where you can comment on where the discrimination took place (i.e. by a pharmacy, you’re prescriber, Government service e.g. housing or Centrelink), why you think you were discriminated against (i.e. having a history of injecting drug use, because you have hep C), and what effect this had on you – what happened as a result of the discrimination i.e. were you refused service?

This information will be used by us to look at ways to try and change negative attitudes towards drug users. So if you believe you have experienced discrimination we would strongly encourage you to leave your feedback here

If you have any questions about this website, or the information it contains please feel free to contact info@aivl.org.au or call AIVL on (02) 6279 1600.