World Hepatitis Day 2013

As part of our 2013 World Hepatitis Day activities, AIVL is encouraging people who are or have been injecting drug users to think about having a Fibroscan. “What’s a Fibroscan?” we hear you say? Well funny you should ask – they’re an easy, non-invasive and quick way to check the overall health of your liver and AIVL just happens to have a brand new fact sheet that will answer all your basic questions on having a Fibroscan. If you already know you have chronic hep C infection but have never had a Fibroscan to check out the state of your liver, you should definitely think about getting one done. If you would like to know more about Fibroscans and where to get them click here to access AIVL’s new fact sheet: “Fibroscans or Transient Elastography and Why We Love Them!

If you are not sure about whether you have ever been exposed to hep C or don’t know if you are still infected, you should get tested to find out. Want more info on hep C testing? Why not check out AIVL’s new hep C testing booklet? It can help you figure whether you should be tested for hep C and if you decide to get tested, provide you with the information to understand the various tests and how to manage your test result. If you would like to know more about hep C testing click here to access AIVL’s new booklet: “Testing 1,2,3… Hepatitis C Testing for Injecting Drug Users”.

Want even more info about hepatitis C and injecting drug use? Check out AIVL’s new fact sheets on our ‘Hep C Fact Sheets’ page written by and for injecting drug users on the issues that really matter to us:

“Hep C-Ciety” is growing all the time so make sure you visit regularly to stay up-to-date. Hep C mostly affects the injecting drug using community. Let’s take control of hep C – get informed, know our rights and refuse to let ourselves be killed by shame and stigma! World Hepatitis Day – a day for injecting drug users to tackle hep C and take back our health and rights!

Below is a collection of other relevant and interesting documents, reports and video to view for World Hepatitis Day 2013.

AIVL Discrimination and Stigma Video